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I've benefitted from the Figma community files so ever since I start using Figma. so I decided to give back to the community by helping new Figma user become efficient with keyboard short cut. Not to mention that I learned a lot of short cuts that I didn't know before. 
For example, adjust font weight using keyboard shortcuts 🤯🤯🤯

Remember them visually, and learn by playing.
keyboard short cuts not only make the workflow faster, more importantly, it make design so much more enjoyable.
currently the shortcut "list" or "cheat sheet" is sufficient on saving the space, but it does not help visualizing how the modifier keys are laid out on the keyboard. there for memorizing becomes more difficult.
so I decided to create a keyboard shortcut guide focusing on visualizing the position of the modifiers.
and I believe the best way to learn anything, is through action. So I designed some scenarios right next to it for the viewers to play with.
have fun! 😉
here are some examples:
Hope you liked it! if you do, give a like and follow on Figma community and Behance!

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