Brief :
It’s a food app.
Users find food by searching kitchenware as keywords. The app will find solutions based on your search word such as “earthen pot,” “sushi knife,” “french press,” etc.

When type in “earthen pot,” the search results will provide all kinds of dishes from various cultural backgrounds. In details, each meal will give information on its country origin, food cultural background, ingredients, cooking method, and how to utilize this piece of kitchenware into this cooking process, etc.

The goal of this app is to provide users with more exciting ways of cooking; get inspired by other cultures, and be innovative of their styles. Help users get unlimited of what they owned already and had fun to enjoy cooking.

Demographic :
Users from age 26 to 60 are most likely want to try and use this app.
People who love travelling, appreciate other cultures, foodie, love home cook, like to explore different types of food will be the majority of users.

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